Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | February 26, 2007

Nowata County Historical Museum

The Nowata County Historical Museum is a hidden treasure! The museum is housed in the old Nowata Health Clinic/Hospital building. There are 24 rooms and long hallways filled with the history and memories of the people who built Nowata into their home.


Just some of the rooms:

  • Early Day Tools
  • Old-fashioned Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Ladies Fashions of the Day
  • Cherokee and Delaware Indian Tribes
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls of Yesterday
  • The Oil Boom

The museum library contains many books, newspapers and photographs. One could spend countless hours just reading about the history of Nowata County.

There are many unique and fascinating people in the history of Nowata, which I hope to include in this blog. Many will showed the pioneering spirit and determination that helped build America. Two of the interesting individuals who caught my eye the day I visited the museum were the Cowgirl Trick Rider, Pauline Nesbitt, and the 1950-60’s artist, Adrian D. Price.

Outside the museum on display are many of the tools used in the Oil Boom of Nowata County.


This picture below are of the tools that helped build the oil fields around the county. I especially like the silver gleaming in the morning sun. This helps to imagine these tools in the hands of a oil covered worker as he went about the often messy and always hard work in the oil field. 

Silver Tools

A display of unique items like a wood stove and a large bell are just outside the main door.

 Bell Wood stove

The Nowata County Historical Museum is manned by volunteers, such as the ladies mentioned in the above entry. The museum is also funded by donations. These caring people make the museum all that it is today, their sharing and giving keeps the history of Nowata alive.

Some important facts to consider when you make the trip to visit the museum.

  • Admission is Free, donations appreciated.
  • 121 South Pine
  • 918-273-3538
  • Hours 1:00pm until 4:00pm
  • Tuesday through Saturday
  • Closed Monday

I hope you come to tour the museum and enjoy the displays and make a day of it! You and your friends/family can visit the museum, eat lunch at a local restaurant and see the local Historical Site, the Nowata County Courthouse.

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