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10-33 Ambulance Service

The 10-33 Ambulance is a fantastic example of what a small town can do! This ambulance service is absolutely free, no charge for it’s services! Volunteers provide 24/7  emergency services to all who live in the 588 square mile Nowata County area. The day I made a visit to the office, I talked to a very enthusiastic helpful dispatcher, Nell Hathcoat, who works several 24 hour shifts a week. She told of a saying of her father’s that reminded me of a Dr. Philism. Her parents lived in a very small house, her dad once said “You can’t cuss a cat in there because you’d get hair in your mouth!” I have laughed about that ever since. The hour I was there talking to Nell, several people came in to give their donation and the ambulance was out on a run.

10-33 ambulance

The local paper, Nowata Star, as a front page article this week about the 10-33 Annual Fundraiser. According to the paper, Rose Willis started the quilt raffle six years ago and it was such a success that the raffle is still going strong in 2007. This year the fundraiser is raffling off two handmade quilts and an afghan, one chance for $1 or six chances for $5. The donors of the two handmade quilts are Carl and Lorene Reynolds and Alice Stills. Marge and Gene Greb donated a handmade afghan for the raffle, also. The quilts and afghan will be displayed at various town businesses and the Nowata Jubilee until March 31st.

10-33 Building

10-33 Ambulance Service 918-273-1033

The service was started in 1976 by Richard and Betty Eden and the members of the 10-33 citizens band radio club in Nowata. The story goes that there was a motorcycle accident and it took the Bartlesville Ambulance (a town 20 miles away) 35 minutes to get to the scene. The founders wanted to help neighbors who needed assistance with medical emergencies, so they began to  develop a ambulance service.  The first ambulance was a converted Chevy van. Today there are multiple ambulances and several wheelchair accessible vans. Mr. Bell donated the wheelchair accessible vans. The service runs entirely on donations and volunteers. The fundraisers include:

  • Quilts, afghans and other handmade crafts raffles
  • Chicken Noodle Dinner
  • The Nowata Jubilee donates all proceeds from certain nights of entertainment

To make a donation the address is: 10-33 Ambulance Service, 321 E. Cherokee, Nowata, OK 74048.

The 10-33 service make emergency runs to the local Jane Phillips Nowata Health Center and to trauma hospitals in Bartlesville, Vinita and Tulsa. Yet another provided service is transportation to doctor appointments for the citizens, which help many of the elderly and disabled in Nowata. The civic minded volunteers also gather pull tabs from canned pop for the Ronald McDonald House and serves as an Angel Food Ministries Sign-up Location.

Nowata citizens are very proud of their 10-33 Ambulance Service and grateful for the much needed services provided by the many volunteers.



  1. This service has been highlighted in news articles in other states as a comparison for what communities can do for themselves when budgets do not stretch

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