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Nowata Animal Shelter

Every town needs a wonderful devoted person for their Animal Control Officer, it is a hard job. Nowata is fortunate to have Holly Ridenhour. This is a powerball of a woman! She has developed spay/neuter programs, written grants, rescued wild animals, recruited many volunteers, rehabilitated animals and worked many hours tirelessly. However, Holly’s one quality that out shines all the others, is her deep love for animals. This is obvious when you hear her talk to the animals and about the animals. I first met Holly when my daughter, Rachael, rescued a yorkie last year from the Nowata Animal Shelter. By the way, the yorkie’s name is Maggie and is doing fantastic!

Animal Shelter Sign

A Spay/Neuter Clinic is held once a month. The clinics are listed on the front page of the Nowata Star, so be sure and look when and where if you are interested.

The costs are as follows:

  • $25.00 for a cat
  • $35.00 for a dog 60 lbs and under 
  • $45.00 for dogs over 60 lbs

A huge discount! Holly takes 10 to 12 animals to the Spay Oklahoma Clinic in Tulsa once a month and the animals are brought home at the end of the day for their owners to pick up. While the dogs and cats are at the clinic, they are also given other services, such as shots. Spay Oklahoma tattoos the animals that have been spayed/neutered with a small blue tattoo on their stomach. This tattoo serves has proof that the animal has been spayed/neutered for any other purposes, such as other town ordinances, owners, etc. Interested persons in the clinic can contact Holly at the Nowata Police Department, 335-3531.

Here is Holly and a little cutie of a Pomerian Mix that is waiting to be claimed.

Holly and Pomerian Mix

Once a month she meets with the Dewey, Bartlesville Animal Control Officers at Walmart in Bartlesville to divy up the donated dog/cat food.  This donated food also helps feed the drug enforcement dogs of the area.

Donations are greatly appreciated. Here is a list of needed items:

  • Dog Nail Clippers
  • Dog Leashes
  • Dog Collars: large, medium and small
  • VCR for Monitoring System
  • Box fans for circulation
  • Bleach
  • Pine Sol
  • Cat Litter

Monetary donations are always welcomed! 

Holly brought this Rottweiler, named Dalton, out to have a walk in the shelter’s run. A beautiful dog and he is a gentle giant. Dalton is waiting to be claimed.

Holly and Dalton1

Holly has worked hard for two years obtaining a grant for expanding the animal shelter. The expansion will be built on the back of the original shelter and will include approximately 20 more dog runs. Good work, Holly!

Animal Shelter Back Shot

Currently, the closest licensed Wildlife Rescue is located in Foyil, Oklahoma. Holly recently rescued what she thought was a hawk, but the Rescue Center called and told her it was a Falcon! She also takes care of the animal cruelty cases, right now, she has a horse at her house she is restoring to good health. This is the 13th horse she has rehabilitated.

Animal Building Front

There are many, many generous individuals to thank for their time and donations to the Nowata Animal Shelter. A big THANK YOU goes to Mr. Raymond Cline, a major contributor. Valerie Collier gets a big thumbs up for grooming the dogs for no charge and maintaining the Adoption Pet Site for the Shelter. Valerie owns Collier’s Dog Grooming, 601 N. Pecan, Nowata, Oklahoma, (918) 273-1071. Of course, the shelter and Holly are supported by the Nowata City Officials and the Nowata City Council.

Dr. Liz Fulbright, a local area Vet, donates her time and skill to a Shot Clinic at the shelter, usually held in May. Shots, tags and a flea/tick dip are available at the May Clinic for very little cost. The Flea/Tick Dip Tank at the shelter opens late April to the public for a donation. Anyone interested can use the service when Holly is on duty and available, so please call the 273-3531 number to coordinate with Holly’s busy schedule.

Animal Cages

Consider the Nowata Animal Shelter when you donate to worthy causes, you can rest assured that your money goes a long way toward the care of the animals! Donations can be dropped off at the Nowata Police Department, 113 S. Pine. Be sure to designate the donation for the animal shelter.

The Nowata Animal Shelter will be highlighted once every month on this blog, so you out of town visitors come back, you might see a dog or a cat that captures your heart! I am sure that Holly will be glad to help you with the adoption.



  1. Suzan, the more I read your blogs, the more I like you. 🙂 I used to volunteer for a dog rescue and I wish everybody would adopt from a shelter or rescue. Holly sounds terrific with all she does for the animals. I’m glad you spotlighted her here.

  2. Oh yeah, I have a dog named Maggie too. I’ll put her Dogster link in the box.

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