Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | March 21, 2007

Bigfoot has been seen in Nowata County!

Have you seen Bigfoot? I think if you look close you will see the scamp standing in the woods!

Big Foot Woods

While I was goggling Nowata County the other day, I came across several sites that mentioned Bigfoot sightings in Nowata County! I have found 6 documented sightings, three of the sightings occurred near the Noxie/Wann/South Coffeyville area.  

  1. 1917 South Coffeyville     The individual telling this incident grandmother owned a ranch near South Coffeyville in 1917. His grandmother tells that local Native Americans have a legend of a creature that fits the creature both have witnessed more than Bigfoot. This individual has had several encounters with the creature himself. He believes is not an ape but the creature described by the Native American legend. He tells the creature is quick in it’s movements and more human like than ape. His grandmother tells of a time when their neighbors “caught”  something in their barn one night and wanted their family to come see the thing that was trapped. When they arrived there was loud banging inside the barn. The men became frightened that the thing inside would get out, so they began to fire their guns into the barn. A big crash was heard on the other side of the barn, so they all ran around to find a big gaping hole. The family became so spooked that they began to deny the incident occurred and fabricated a story that the hole in the side of the barn was put there by their bull. He also reports that he saw the old barn as a child and one could still see the bullet holes. Reported by Jerry Hestand of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center.
  2. 1974 Watova    This sighting happened in July-August  of 1974 at a home near Watova. The owner saw the creature many times during a two week period. Reportedly two sheriff deputies shot at the creature but it was apparently unharmed.
  3. 1976 Noxie/Wann  This sighting brought national attention to Nowata County. A farmer, Dan Gosh, reported that he was within 10 feet of the creature before he saw it. The creature growled and ran one way, he screamed and ran the other. Mr. Gosh describes the creature as 7 feet tall, hairy, foul-smelling with eyes that glowed like a cat. Sheriff Robert Donald reported to a Canadian radio program that the farmer has seen the creature on several occasions and has shot at it several times. He also mentioned that a similar but shorter creature had been seen in Watova 13 months ago. Sheriff Donald was afraid that gun toting residents roaming the woods might mistake the reporters for Bigfoot and shoot them. Reported by Bigfoot
  4. 1990’s South Coffeyville   On the same ranch (near South Coffeyville) as the 1917 sighting, the individual reporting saw a creature while staying at the ranch house. A storm caused the electricity to go off, the gentleman had to go outside on the front porch to change a fuse (old farmhouse). There was a security light about 100 yards away from the front porch and the security light that was not affected by the storm. When the gentleman flipped on the ranch lights, he noticed a tall, dark figure standing by the grain bin about forty yards away. He suspected it might be one of the legendary creatures, so he got his gun from his truck. He shot six times but the creature was so fast the shots did not come close to hitting it. Several of the family members and near-by neighbors heard the gunfire and came to find out what was going on. He reported to them what he had saw and they heard an animal fleeing through the woods. All the witnesses chased the creature to a large Alfalfa field, where the truck’s lights hit the creature and it began to run. It sprinted the field very quickly.  This witness has two more sightings he has experienced. Reported by Jerry Hestand Bigfoot Research Center.
  5. 2002 Wann  In December of 2002, a truck driver and his son saw a creature in a field just outside Wann on Highway 10, about thirty minutes after dawn. He describes the creature has very tall and weighed about 300-500 pounds., long black hair and a cone shaped head. The creature was eating something off of a small branch in it’s hand. The creature did not run or walk away, it just moved it’s whole body as it watched the truck drive away. The truck driver now carries a digital camera to take a picture if he sees another Bigfoot. Report #5620 taken by BFRO Investigator Roger Roberts.
  6. 2003 East Nowata County   Observation made by a confidential source. This person had recently bought a Hunting Lease in Nowata County. While he was bow hunting in a tree stand, he heard a distinct tree knocking from a distance. The knocking was in patterns of 4-6 knocks. The knocking increased and came from several directions and moved closer. He began to hear a sound like talking but was not discernible, which continue every 15-20 minutes. He checked the logbook to see if there were other hunters and asked the landowner if he had been outside. There were no other hunters and the landowner had not been outside at that time. Three weeks later when he and his son was getting out of their truck to sign the logbook on the lease, both heard a Bigfoot vocalize. The individual had put his PDA in his pocket and had it turned on, just in case, he heard the knocking again. After hearing the vocalization, he took the device from his pocket and replayed it for his son. He later matched the wave file to a another recording supposedly made by a Bigfoot. He played the recording for the landowner and his wife, they said that was a sound they often heard at night but never thought anything about it. Reported on

All the above are individual’s  stories and opinions, none have been proven or unproven. Opinions are not necessarily held by this blog writer. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Any resemblance to living or deceased persons is coincidental. No animals (especially Bigfoot) have been harmed in this blog entry.

But I am sure I see that rascally critter!


So the next time you are out and about keep an eye out for the old trickster Bigfoot! You might be just ten feet away before you see the dirty dog! Actually I hear tell that you can probably smell him before you see him.

You Scalawag you!




  1. when i heard about the most recent Bigfoot sighting it really got my hopes up…

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