Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | April 15, 2009

Nowata 2nd Saturday Clean-Up Days

I cannot find the words to express how appreciative I am for Billie Roane; she organized these 2nd Saturday Clean-Up days!  Tom and Billie Roane are great assets to our community; Tom is the Nowata City Manager and Billie is the Executive Director of the Nowata Area Chamber of Commerce. The couple believes in making a difference in the communities in which they live.

The first clean up day was at Double Creek Park on Oologah Lake in March. This month the site was The Nowata County Fairgrounds. I would like to encourage everyone to come to the Nowata County Fair, which is September 10-13, 2009. In fact, besides coming to the fair, please enter your art, sewing, baking, garden produce, houseplants, etc. There are open categories for anyone, no matter your age. I remember how exciting it feels to win those ribbons. I am going to enter something in the fair this year because the more entries there are the better the fair! While you are at the fair, look around at some of the improvements made on the April 11th & May 9th Clean-Up Days.

Nowata County Fairgrounds

Nowata County Fairgrounds

 There were people painting, sweeping, filling cracks in the cement floor, vacuuming; generally working hard.

Nowata Citizens Working Hard

Nowata Citizens Working Hard

May’s 2nd Saturday Clean Up Day (may 9th) is a continuing clean-up at the Nowata County Fairgrounds. Bring your broom, dustpan, kneepads, paint rollers, paint brushes and pans (if you have any), if not, just bring yourself! Community service strengthens the entire community. It is well known that when a community is doing well as a whole, it’s individual citizens are better off. When you participate in civic betterment, it will make your life more enjoyable and the world more pleasant for everyone.

A Good Cleaning Crowd!

A Good Cleaning Crowd!

Isn’t this is what good citizenship is all about? Everyone has God given talents which can be shared with your community; no matter what your talents. It is a rich and supportive fellowship of people in a community that lend each other a hand in making the community better and more productive.

Friends Painting

Friends Painting

On the south side of the Fairgrounds there is a pile of straw that gardeners can use for mulching; it is free. The leftover straw is from the Spring Livestock Show at the fairgrounds. Bring your pitchfork and get a load for your garden.

Free Garden Mulch

Free Garden Mulch

I am looking forward to joining the crowd cleaning the fair building on May 9th and I hope to see you there! The next time you are in the fair building, you will feel good that you had a helping hand in making Nowata better for the whole community. 

2nd Saturday Clean Up

2nd Saturday Clean Up


Second Saturday Clean-Up Days

May 9th


Nowata Fair Grounds

For further information, please call Billie Roane at (918)273-2301.


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