Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | May 20, 2009

Maple Street Greenhouse

Well, it finally quit raining! And according to the local weather guys, it rained 22 days straight! I couldn’t walk in my garden before now, so I am planting my tomatoes, peppers, etc this week. My harvest will be a bit later this year than normal but always worth waiting for that homegrown taste. The Maple Street Greenhouse has many varieties of tomatoes, peppers, etc. still available for your garden. And if you are finished with planting your garden, why not add a few more plants that you have always wanted to try out. I think I am going to try some unusual peppers and tomatoes this year.

A Garden Retreat

A Garden Retreat

Memorial Day is this weekend and the greenhouse has many Memorial Day Flowers & Pots that are blooming great bursts of color and will continue to provide color until late Fall. There are all sizes and styles so if you are looking for just the right pot for that corner of your garden or patio, Maple Street will have it.

Yellow Knock Out Roses

Yellow Knock Out Roses

If you love roses but don’t like all the pruning, spraying, etc., you will love the Knock Out Roses. The Knock Out Rose has much to offer the rose lover, like:

  1. 3 x 3 small compact shrub
  2. Drought resistant
  3. Resistant to black-spot
  4. Winter hardy in our zone
  5. 5-6 week bloom cycle
  6. Do not have to dead-head
  7. Tough blooms and foilage
  8. Single planting or multi plantings

Maple Street have both yellow and red Knock Out Roses. I believe it is important to purchase locally grown plants for many reasons, such as better care from the beginning and lower prices than most catalog prices plus no postage and handling. I checked out the prices on a few on-line sites and the greenhouse has a much better value available. I am going to plant a red one in my Southeast corner flower bed and a couple of yellow ones to form a hedge on the south side of my drive way. 

Red Knock Out Rose

Red Knock Out Rose

In our corner of Oklahoma, the summer heat and drought kills more plants than the winter cold. Be sure to water all newly planted (in the ground) plants at least once a week and water deep; not shallow. In extreme heat and drought periods, you may need to water twice weekly. I use a small sprinkler on the hose in my landscape because I can leave a small spray on plants for deep watering and go do other things and I can also move the sprinkler around to water small spots and save water. I think the large arching type sprinkler are good for the following purposes:

  • watering new sod
  • large areas of gardens, like large flower beds and vegetable gardens
  • large areas of shrub or trees.
Great Container Gardening

Great Container Gardening

If you do not have space for flower beds, you can grow many plants in containers. Combine flowering plants with trailing plants to make a nice display of blooms with attractive foliage. Many vegetables can be grown in pots, such as a Patio Tomatoe. The plants you use for container gardening depend on the sun exposure for the area. The ladies at the Maple Street Greenhouse can help you with your all your planting/garden needs. Just drive out west on Highway 60 to the greenhouse and  “where great gardens begin”.

Purple Petunias

Purple Petunias


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