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Ironmen Quarterback Club


Nowata Ironmen Quarterback Club

Nowata Ironmen Quarterback Club

The Nowata Ironmen has been known for years to other local football teams as a game worthy rival.  This past Saturday, the Ironmen Quarterback Club held a fundraiser at the Homeland Store.  There were many activities going on at the fundraiser. One activity was a car wash and those cars were squeaky clean when they pulled away. Another activity was a bake sale that was loaded with goodies. The club had Ironmen merchandise for sale and don’t you think that everyone needs a t-shirt or hat to show hometown football pride! And to top all of that off, there was great music for everyone to enjoy. The club members, parents, community and the kids started off the 2009 football season right with a fantastic fundraiser! One of the motivating forces behind this year’s Ironmen Quarterback Club is the president, Gary Hensley. However, it takes many people to succeed in an effective and exciting football season.

Ironmen Quarterback Club Officers 2009

  • President – Gary Nunley
  • Vice President – Tony Scott
  • Secretary- Kim Hesslen
  • Tresurer – Bonnie Workman
Ironmen Car Wash

Ironmen Car Wash

Supportive Parents and Community

Supportive Parents and Community

 Nowata Ironmen Football Schedule 2009

Head Coach – Eric Walkingstick


  1. August 15th/Intrasquad/Home/9:00 /AM Scrimmage
  2. August 21st/Blackwell/Away/TBA/Scrimmage
  3. August 28th/Kellyville/Home/TBA/Scrimmage
  4. September 4th/Dewey/Home/7:30
  5. September 11th/Vinita/Away/7:30
  6. **September 18th/Keys/Home/7:30
  7. *September 25th/Caney Valley/Away/7:30
  8. *October 2nd/Pawhuska/Home/7:30
  9. *October 9th/Wyandotte/Away/7:30
  10. *October 15th/Verdigris/Home/7:30
  11. *October 23rd/Sperry/Away/7;30
  12. *October 30th/Chelsea/Home/7:30
  13. *November 6th/Lincoln/Away/7:30

**-Homecoming         *-District Games

Junior Varsity

  1. August 21st/Blackwell/Away/TBA Scrimmage 
  2. August 28th/Kellyville/Home/TBA Scrimmage
  3. September 7th/Dewey/Away/6:30
  4. September 14th /Vinita/Home/6:30
  5. September 17th/Linoln Christian/Away/6:30
  6. September 29th/Pawhuska/Home/6:30 (if Pawhuska plays up)
  7. October 5th/Sperry/Home/6:30
  8. October 12th/Verdigris/Away/7:30 (if Verdigris plays up)

Junior High  7th, 8th and 9th Grades

  1. September 3rd/Vinita/Away/5:30
  2. September 8th/Dewey/Home/5:30
  3. September 15th/Sperry/Home/5:30
  4. September 22nd/Inola/Away/5:30
  5. September 29th/Pawhuska/ Home/5:30 (Fresh/JV)
  6. October 6th/Claremore Seq./Home/5:30
  7. October 12th/Verdigris/ Away/5:30
  8. October 21st/Berryhill/Away/5:30
Rocking Tunes

Rocking Tunes

Plus 1 played with gusto and gave a rousing performance. The group hales from the Coffeyville, Kansas area.  Plus 1 plays Christian and Punk Rock music. Cooper and Torey Smart ‘s vocals were strong and polished. Drake Palmer’s unique lead guitar style added melodic solos and when you throw in Matt Luke’s drums and Brock Brown’s bass, this band offers the total package. There were some rocking sounds coming from that flat-bed trailer. If you are interested in contacting the band, please call Alicia Smart (a parent) 620-251-8101. 

Plus 1

Plus 1

The band members are:

  • Cooper Smart      Lead Singer/Guitar
  • Torey Smart        Keyboard/Singer
  • Drake Palmer      Lead Guitar
  • Matt Luke             Drums
  • Brock Brown        Bass

A “Meet the Ironmen” night is scheduled on September 1st at the Nowata High School. The club presently has about 50 supporting members, however, at the 1st football game; the club will be selling memberships. Please consider supporting the young men in our community and purchase a membership.

  • White Membership              $25
  • Maroon Membership          $50
  • VIP Membership                  $100 Special Reserved Parking at Home Games

The funds are used for a variety of items, such as football camp, new equipment and food for the players during practices andgames. Those of you who feed growing boys know food is very important! The Quarterback Club also works to keep the Nowata Schools football facilities in good condition. I understand the Nowata Football field recently got new regulation goal posts. It is not wonderful to see the community rally around our young people and help support their activities. The next time you are shopping for groceries take time to thank the Homeland manager for his support.



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