Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | October 28, 2009

An Essay for the Water Tank Mural

I will be posting about the NEW Water Tank Mural for the next few days and wanted to start the series with a short essay I wrote for the Color My Community Essay Contest sponsored by Sherwin Williams and IVillage. The essay was not chosen for the winning essay I am  sorry to report. However, I wanted to share my very small part of the vision that the Nowata Beautification Committee had for the  new Nowata Mural.

Color My Community Mural

When archeologists uncovered the ruins of Pompeii, their eyes laid upon the tile murals that depicted life in ancient Pompeii. The tiled murals not only spoke to the pompeiians but across the centuries to future generations and gave great insight into life in Pompeii before the volcano eruption. Likewise, in small towns across America, there has been a renewed interest in “historic life” murals. Past and present important community icons will be painting the rich cultural history of Nowata, from cowboys  riding the trail to the historic  Nowata Courthouse. The shared community mural’s true power and influence is in the process, the act of community collaboration and the beautification. Tangible interwoven threads will be fostered and nurtured among the citizens seeing this mural to completion.  The painted scenes help all community citizens from young to old understand the relationship between the past, present and future.


Our small town has faced many economic downturns than span the 1980’s oil bust to the current economic state of affairs. Our community needs to build the “mural bridge” to our valuable cultural and historic economic boom days once again. There are many individuals who are working hard on the beautification and economic development of the area. The chosen site for the mural is on the Nowata City circular concrete water tank which is located by the Interstate Highway 169/60 intersections. This water tank is seen by many, many hundreds of people daily has they drive through Nowata. An estimate has been requested from a Oklahoma Art Professor, Dr. Palmer, who paints these murals in many small towns across Oklahoma and, in fact, the world. Dr. Palmer believes that “community murals teach, strengthen and the people in rural areas.”


A $5,000 award would make this statement of “village” pride in cultural history come to fruition. This act of cooperative spirit would encourage prospective citizens who are looking for someplace to retire or to raise a family to put Nowata on the top of their prospective list. Pride in the community is something business owners search for when wanting to find a town to build or relocate a business. Our hope is that the mural will provide hope, inspiration and vision for both our community and the families and business entrepreneurs that see this mural. I believe that Sherwin Williams and I Village could help Nowata to once again be the cultural and economic force it once was within Northeastern Oklahoma.

I truly believe that this new mural is a fantastic start to Nowata City’s and County’s future prosperity.



  1. Thank you! For reminding us of yesterday, enjoying today and praying that we as citizens of Nowata will pull together, as we once did, for a common cause of unity, community pride and living up to our original town name “NOWETA” “WELCOME” in the Native American Delaware Tribe language.

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