Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | December 7, 2009

Our Bright Star, Megan Maxson

Megan Maxson is one of Nowata’s County(and we will claim her!) shining stars. A OSU graduate from Miami, Oklahoma. Megan is the Nowata OSU Extension Educator, which includes Family Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development. Since I have known Megan, she has shown many talents for someone so young. However, she has hid the fact from me that she is also a top-notch singer/performer until November 21st when she took the stage at the Green Country Showcase.

What a performance!

Megan Maxson

The Star of the Show

Megan sang old and new country songs and her presentation was so delightful that she captivated everyone for the entire night. Each song seemed to speak to someone in the audience and only real talent can take command of the stage as Megan did that night.  Her “Night Riders Lament” showcased her  yodeling. Patsy, herself, would have enjoyed Megan’s “Crazy“. The most heartfelt song Megan performed that night was The Judd’s song,  “Flies on the Butter”.

Megan had an old friend, Cecil Walker, come on stage and sing several duets with her. When they sang the duet, “I Told You So”, Cecil sounded just like Randy Travis. Megan and Cecil did a fantastic job!

Megan and Cecil

The Green Country Superpickers

Emcee: Gary Walker

Piano: Jerry Cunningham

Guitar: Winston McKeon

Steel Guitar: Marty Neer

Back Up Vocals: Maggie Bell

The Green Country Superpickers

The best dessert in town on Saturday Night can be found at the Music Stop Cafe (inside the theater)! I understand that Karen Wilson is the baker of the desserts offered. And my, my the German Chocolate cake that I enjoyed that night.

Of course, there are many more items on the menu.

The Music Stop Cafe


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