Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | December 29, 2009

Mike, the Photo Bug

One day I received an email from a friend and attached was a link to a Photobucket account. Of course, I clicked the link and found many, many great photos of Nowata events, people and kids in their sports uniform.  I am always interested in our local people and their talents. I contacted Mike Bryant to discuss his photography, etc.

Mike likes to take pictures and he has had some opportunities to take pictures for the Nowata Star. When he found out that a local photographer was not going to be able to take sports photos of the kids in town anymore, Mike stepped up to the plate. He believes that all children need both an individual and a group picture to have as a keepsake of the good times and good friends.  He has been asked when quoting the price of a photo, “Are you sure that is enough?”  One of his statements to me was “Like the ole’ boy in Topeka with the little cafe, “I don’t want to make a million dollars, just a million friends.”  I like Mike’s thinking, friends are better than dollars.

Mike relocated to Nowata about 5 years ago from a city of 100,000. He also owns a small business, a dry carpet cleaning business. If you need your rugs,carpets or upholstery cleaned by a local business at a reasonable cost, email Mike for a quote. There will be many carpets that need cleaned after the holidays, especially with all the snow and mud.

Here is Mike’s email address for questions or requests for carpet cleaning or his photography.

Please visit his Photobucket account. Mike has pictures of the 2009 Christmas Parade, 3rd Grade Gingerbread Houses, the 2009 Bull Blast and so much more.

When you see Mike around at the various Nowata events, be sure to tell him thank you for taking the time to take photographs and posting those photos to the internet for everyone to enjoy.

If you are a coach for a sports team or planning an event or having a family reunion or getting married and want pictures to remember the occasion, think of Mike and email him for his prices.


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