Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | February 18, 2010

No-We-Ta Cherokee Community Gardening Classes

No-We-Ta Cherokee Community group are offering a gardening how-to class on Saturday, February 27th, starting at 10:00am at the Will Rogers Health Center in Nowata. The class will be taught by Master Gardener, Steve Forsythe, from Washington County OSU Extension office.

Anyone, whether a member of the community garden or not, can attend the class and you do not have to register. However, becoming a member of the community group is a very good thing to meet your neighbors and help yourself to healthy eating options. Registering may be a good idea because you can get a reminder phone call. Anyway, I seem to always need reminders!

Here are some of the No-We-Ta Cherokee Community group future events:

March-April Wild Onion Gathering. Learn to gather and cook Wild Onions with the Traditional Foods Coordinator, Cora Flute.

May Cherokee Basket Weaving

June-July Canning/Preservation Classes with Megan at the Nowata OSU Extension office during National Food Week, June 7-13.

July-August Blackberry Gathering. Pick blackberries and learn how to make Blackberry Dumplings like your granny did.

September Cherokee Language Classes

The next community meeting is March 9th at 6:00pm. For more information on either the community group or gardening classes call;

Jaime at (918) 557-9303 or (918)723-7529 or Carolyn Foster (918)331-8631 or (918)273-7528.

Dreaming of Warmer, Greener Times!

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