Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | March 25, 2010

4-H Sewing Day Camp

We are very lucky in Nowata County to have the 4-H Program! The 4-H pledge is a great code of living for all ages of kids. 4-H Pledge: I pledge, My head to clearer thinking, My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, and My health to better living, For my club, my community, my country, and my world.

The pledge was officially adopted at the first National 4-H Camp in June of 1927. In 1973 was the only change ever made to the pledge was the addition of “my world”. The 4-H program has many different opportunities, programs, and activities for kids to learn and enjoy participating.

Megan and Kaitlyn Busy Sewing

We are lucky to have such dedicated OSU 4-H Coordinators, Megan Maxson and Gage Milliman, to make the program such a success in Nowata. AND there are many dedicated parents and volunteers who are group leaders or help with the activities or stay up long hours working the Spring Livestock Show.

During Spring Break, March 15th and 16th, a 4-H Sewing Daycamp was held at the Oklahoma Union School in Mrs. Haddox’s classroom. The leaders and volunteers present were Sharon Watts, Bernitta Haddox,  Megan Maxson and Suzan Perkins. There were six 4-H’ers who were sewing on their projects for Fashion & Fabrics. The projects ranged from pillowcases to stuffed bears to pajamas to aprons to camo gun carrying cases. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon sewing, learning, talking and  fellowship.

Kaitlyn Jones's OSU Pillowcase

Megan made OSU Valances for the OSU Extension Offices. Jeanie Moore’s husband, Jim Moore, installed the curtain rods and some other decorative items in the OSU Office. The office is looking very nice!

Megan ironing the OSU valances

Kaitlyn Jones made two projects, a OSU pillowcase and an apron.

Kaitlyn busy cutting out her apron

A 4-H Volunteer meeting is  scheduled for April 1st, starting at 6:30pm at the Nowata County OSU Office. If you are interested in more information or becoming a member, you can call the Nowata County OSU Extension Office, 918-273-3345, or go to the Oklahoma website,

Nowata County 4-H


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