Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | June 17, 2010

Dunk A Cop & City/County Officials

This Saturday, June 19th, the Green Country Safe Communities will be hosting a fundraiser for Nowata Sheriff’s Office and the Nowata City Police Department. You will have the opportunity to dunk  a few of the local law enforcement and other officials into the tank! All in the name of fun, while supporting your police department and your sheriff’s department.

Fun Activities

  • Dunk Tank
  • DJ Woody Walker
  • Jupiter Jump

Great Food!

  • $1 pizza slice
  • $2 hot dog, chips and drink
  • $5 hamburger, chips and drink

The Nowata CAN and the Nowata Police Department will be accepting unused or unwanted prescription drugs for proper disposal.

The Green Country Safe Communities looked around the area they serve, which is Rogers, Mayes, Nowata, Ottawa, Delaware and Washington counties, and saw the greatest need in Nowata. The fact that the Nowata City Police Chief was wearing a 13-year-old used (from Bartlesville) bulletproof vest was a deciding factor in starting in Nowata.

The funds raised in this event will be applied towards purchase of bullet-proof vests and hand-held radios for Nowata Law Enforcement. I know that you want to protect our officers in their line of duty! The fire department and the EMT services are included in serving our communities, they, too, lay their life on the line many times. We here in Nowata County want our streets and communities and citizens to be safe, so let’s help support those who do that tough job on a daily basis. Basically, in my opinion, these officers, fire fighters and EMTs are at war but a locally fought one where the next corner could mean a life or death situation for someone.

So lets come out and show our support for these courageous men and women on Saturday and have some good food and great fun! I hope to see you there!

Green Country Safe Communities

Nowata County Law Enforcement Fundraiser

Saturday, June 19th

Jack Gordon Park/South Pavillion

5:00pm until 8:00pm


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