Posted by: an acre of oklahoma | June 30, 2010

OSU Extension Canning Workshop



Home Canning Workshop  

Barbara Brown, Ph.D., R.D./L.D.  

Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service Food Specialist  

July 8th, 2010  

10:00am until 3:00pm  

Nowata County Fairgrounds  

Cost: $15.00 (includes food, jars, most equipment and lunch)  

Come hear current and safe, research-based recommendations for home food canning. This is a hands-on workshop will address the following topics:  

  1. Selection of produce
  2. Preparation and canning of fruits and vegetables
  3. Food Safety concerns
  4. Hot packs vs raw packs
  5. Pressure vs. Waterbath Canning
  6. Correct head space
  7. And much more

Nowata County OSU Extension Service  

Megan Maxson, Extension Educator  

Family & Consumer Sciences  


612 E Roxy Street  

Nowata Oklahoma  

(County Fairgrounds)  

ONLY 14 spots available so reserve yours today!  

Some good sites to visit:  

Fresh Preserving  

National Center for Home Food preservation  

Alex says gardening is fun for all ages!

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