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Nowata’s Poet, Marquis Heyer

Facebook is a wonderful addition to this world! I met a fellow Nowatan (?)through Facebook and Marquis and I have developed a friendship. One thing we have in common is our desire to see Nowata grow and flourish into a community that fits it’s heart. I asked Marquis to write a piece about his poetry and motivation behind the gift.

“I get my inspiration for my poetry from a variety of people and places. I take little segments of my surroundings and use them to help develop a poem. If a person was to sit down today and flip through my books, he or she would probably notice a variety of themes ranging from family, injured/fallen soldiers, nature, and other topics. Sometimes, I’ll be sitting at home in the evening trying to relax, and a poem idea will pop into my mind. I will either keep thinking about the idea to help develop it into an actual poem, or it might fade away to return again some other time. I’ve had people tell me that some of my really emotional poems are some of my best work because it captures the attention of the reader so they’ll read the entire piece. I’ve had friends/coworkers/family members tell me that after reading a certain poem of mine that it brought tears to their eyes. It is an awesome feeling knowing that I can impact a person’s life through my writing.”

“When I was a senior at Nowata High School during the 1995-1996 school year, I took a class called Creative Writing. The teacher of the class, Ms. Betty Deen, was a wonderful teacher. Before I took the class, I had always focused more on writing short stories and seemed to avoid writing poetry because I just didn’t want to have to mess with making every line rhyme or make it flow in such a short amount of space. At the time, I didn’t really consider poetry as “my thing”. While in Creative Writing under the direction of Ms. Deen, I soon learned to appreciate poetry. I think she saw a diamond in the rough and could see raw natural talent within me that I hadn’t discovered on my own in the past.”

As high school graduation approached, I still wrote short stories and the occasional poem or two. It seemed like from that point on through the present time, I have turned my attention now more towards poetry and less on short stories. If a person was to look back at some of my earlier poems and compare them to some of the poems I’ve written recently, one might notice that the poems from the past were a bit shorter in length and more open as far as topic was concerned. If one was to look at a more recent piece of my writing he or she might notice that the writing has gotten longer in length and sometimes more in depth or narrowed in topic.”

My journey of wanting to get published started out a little rocky. In the past, I had sent samples of my work to a couple other publishers and not to long after that received rejection letters from them. It seemed a bit depressing, but I knew that if I wanted to truly get published that I would have to continue searching for that door that would soon open for me. I think it was on a weekend and I had been looking online just browsing at different publisher’s websites at that time. I would check a few here and there, but you know after getting several rejection letters it got me to thinking about my writing. I was about to give up my search for a publisher and say forget it, but part of me just couldn’t give up so easily. After browsing various publisher websites, I ran across the website for PublishAmerica. I decided to give them a try and the worst they could say to me was sorry and then I’d move on with my search. I was excited and still in a bit of disbelief when they liked what they saw with my writings and wanted me to send the complete manuscript of my first book.”

The publishing process for me seemed like a slow tedious process, because it might be a few days to a week or two before moving onto the next step. The end product was well worth the wait. I was still in shock somewhat when I received the copy of my first book in the mail. To hold the book with my name on the cover was an exciting feeling. Getting published was something I had dreamed about doing but never really thought it would come true for me. In 2004 / 2005, my first book (Heartfelt Memories) was published. Then in 2005, my second book (Treasured Journeys) was brought into the world for people to read.”

Both books can be found on the publisher’s website at People interested in checking them out and wanting to order them can go to the online bookstore at the website address provided and either search for the book titles or my name (Marquis Heyer). Thank you, for more information about the books, you can go to the publisher’s website or they can email me at”

A few of Marquis’s Poems


 Last night, momma and I drove out to the country

To see the view of the town from the hillside

It is always pretty out here this time of year

With the wildflowers blooming and the trees in full growth

We decided to take a new scenic route to the countryside

Momma must have known about it, but it was new to me

 We turned off the highway a couple miles back

Onto County Road 78 past Johnson’s Gas Stop and Cafe

I could see momma had something special in mind

When she saw the cafe and gas station beside us

She looked at me and without a single word just smiled

As we proceeded down the road, we saw a few wild turkeys in the field

And had to stop to let some deer cross the road

More and more fields passed by us as momma continued driving

 I was getting somewhat bored from seeing all the fields with no other scenery

Laying my head back on the headrest of the seat, I closed my eyes and listened

I could hear momma humming a song to herself

It was a song I had heard a long time ago but could not remember the full song

I opened my eyes once again and looked over at her while she was driving

She turned for a moment, and once again, said nothing and smiled

 Up ahead, I could see a dead end sign and wondered where momma was going

Just before reaching the sign, there was a hidden entrance to a yard

The fence that once had been clear and painted white

Was now faded and covered with thick honeysuckle vines

As we drove down the tree lined driveway, I could see a big house getting closer

Somewhere in my past, I have been here, but I don’t remember when

Momma stopped the car up near two aged pine trees close to the house

I got out and took in the fresh country air and immediately I was taken back

To the memories I had stored away in my mind from my childhood

I remember this place now, but it looks so different

 The house has been empty for a number of years now

And as I soon found out from momma, the property was given to her

You could tell she cherished this place as it was her childhood getaway

It had belonged to her grandparents and has been in the family for years

Not wanting to leave the city life behind, none of the other family members

Really wanted to move out here in this beautiful, peaceful place

So momma was named as the property owner

She smiled and spent the rest of the evening here at this place

We would soon call our home

As the sun went down and the moon came up, we headed toward the car

Driving back down County Road 78 back onto the highway

To start packing for a new life

In the countryside

 Copyright©2010 Marquis D. Heyer





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