I hope to record Nowata’s and the surrounding communities details of their yesterdays, todays and tomorrows in this blog. I live just outside of Nowata and I have made this my home the past 4 years. I expect to live here many more. Therefore, I want to give something back to the place I call home.

  • I want to give the reader a glimpse into America’s heartland.
  • I believe that there will be many entries that will show the pioneer spirit that settled this land is still alive and well today.
  • I hope to enrich the towns, county and the people with telling the important stories that make a place a community, a hometown and a life.
  • I wish to give the next generation in Nowata a place to look to their past and be proud and look into their tomorrows and be encouraged.

Dear visitor stay awhile and take the time to read many of the entries that will inform you and perhaps make you smile and remember the memories of your hometown.



  1. I am trying to locate an article that appeared in the Nowata paper, perhaps around 1943-44.
    The American Legion presented D. H. Corwin, local pastor, with an outstanding citizens award.
    I would like to have a copy of this edition for the grandson, Scott Corwin.
    Thanks for your help.
    Betty Corwin

  2. I was delighted to see your blog. My mother grew up in Nowata in the 1930s and 40s and my grandmother lived there until her death in 1990. I have many, many fond memories of visiting Nowata when I was a child. My grandmother’s house was directly across the street from the hospital on S. Ash, although I understand that it has been moved, I believe somewhere near Bliss’s (white frame house with a red roof?) Anyway, I enjoy your blog and the pictures! It’s fun to see after all these years.

    • Pam, Glad you enjoyed your visit here and to hear from you. Thank you for commenting! Hope to hear from you again! Suzan

  3. Pam,

    I think the house your grandmother lived in is now located at 140 S. Locust St, which is right behind the Bliss Restaurant. Living Word Fellowship, Dollar General and Nowata High School’s brand new baseball and softball sports complex is in the vicinity of where the house was on Ash St.

    There is another website you might enjoy that is about life in Nowata: http://www.MayberryMagpie.com

    Tamara Maddux
    Nowata City Clerk

    • Tamara, Thanks for passing on the information for Pam and sharing the link to another blog in Nowata. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Please visit often. Suzan

    • Thanks, Tamara. I had no idea all of that had been built on the old property! I wish we could get back for a visit!

  4. Thanks Tamara – I think the last time my mom was in Nowata, she said the house was now behind Bliss. I had no idea there were so many things on the old property – I knew the church had built there, but not the other things. I hope I can get back there one day to visit – I really miss it!

  5. pam, my great aunt {mildred smith} also lived in that house for many years. she had it moved to its curent location. now mt brother is living in it .

  6. I think this blog is a good way of helping to spread the word about Nowata/Nowata County and its rich history. I have enjoyed reading the stories and seeing the pictures that have been posted so far.

    I love seeing pictures of how Nowata looked back in its early days. It would be fun to see more of those pictures added to here.

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